Social Branding 101

Social Media and your Personal Brand:
By Scott Westerman
Like it or not, we all have a personal brand. It’s the perceived image your organization & people present to the world, personally and professionally. In the Internet age, we’re on stage 24/7. Whatever we say may be tweeted. Whatever we do may end up on youtube.

Social Media is that stage. You don’t have to play on it, but if you’re in business, your customers and competitors will likely be there. You can choose to let others define who they think you are. Or you can engage to define yourself.

More and more brands are using Social Networks as a means of interacting with their customers. Facebook is currently the most popular platform. Instagram has surpassed Twitter as the social environment of choice for brands. Depending on who your target audience is, you may want to play in the YouTube or Pinterest garden. You can also use your web presence to communicate your brand through a blog.

Every Social Network has it’s strengths and weaknesses. And each has its own “language”. UR going to have 2 learn 2 speak it, if U want 2 be understood 🙂

Social Media can impact a brand in a profound way. Ask Netflix, Komen and Bank of America. In my own experience, I was able to turn a negative into a positive when skywriter’s message over Spartan Stadium motivated thousands to donate to The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Here are links to three short videos that can help you decide on a strategy and learn the language of two of the most popular Social Networks –  Facebook and Twitter.

How can you effectively utilize Social Media if you are part of the supply chain?

  • Follow your customers (and competitors).
  • Analyze their messaging.
  • Amplify the good things they are doing.
  • Share your own expertise.

We are rewarded in proportion to the value we add to the world. Being recognized as an expert in your field requires continual learning and sharing what you’ve learned with others. Social Media can be a tool for both learning and sharing. And if you do it right it can keep your career energized, too.


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