Ignore the Noise

These days, it feels like divisions are sharper, tempers are hotter, voices are louder, the future is bleaker. It ain’t necessarily so.

One truth remains the same. How we choose to perceive is what defines our reality.

I recently read some interesting. Gallup says that almost half of us identify as “independent” voters. Most of us never engage on Twitter. We don’t hang on cable TV’s every word. Few of us self-immolate on social media.

Most of us are “normal,” coping with the day-to-day as best as we can, dealing with problems, celebrating small victories, contributing to solutions in our own way.

Our world view is more inclusive, fiscally conservative, socially progressive, more middle-of-the-road than the toxic points of view television and politicians pedal to appease and inflame.

Ignore the noise. Accentuate the Positive. It always drives negative people crazy.