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  1. Greetings from South Mississippi….How are things? I understand you are no longer a Comcast man ..hopefully all went well there. I actually left Elburn/Sugar Grove …and came back down south…I am a Charter man now..Hope to hear from you…..Seeya Scott!!!…

  2. Congratulations on your appointment. I am also a “tv and radio” man class of 1971 who is back on campus as brand manager in the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services group. I do the marketing for Kellogg, Forest Akers, Breslin, MSU Tennis and Spartan Signature Catering among others. A great gig for a life long ad agency executive. I just ran a “five brands” ad in the current alumni magazine for the aforementioned Spartan Hospitality Group. My past also includes a stint on the “Keener Karavan” so I do hope we get a chance to meet sometime. Again, best wishes and Go Green!

  3. Hi Scott,
    Congratulations on landing the MSU Alumni Association helm! I am excited for you to lead the way. I am a proud Board member of the MSU Alumni Club of West Michigan and a friend of Gary Mescher’s. I wish you the best and look forward to meeting you in person.

    Best Regards,
    Bert Elliott

  4. Scott,
    Welcome back home! Perhaps now that you’re back, we should check on a WVIC reunion.

    From Ann Arbor — Mary & Jeff

  5. Hey Scott,

    Just wondering if you happen to have any WPAG pictures you can post. I almost got a job there in 1981. I talked with Dean Erskine back then.


  6. Hi jeff!

    Wish I did have PAG pics. The place sure looks different now!

  7. What a feeling to be home, but your heart was always home. It lightens my heart to know where you are in life at this moment…

  8. Hi Scott,
    I just wanted to thank you and your wife for a lovely ride back to the hotel last Saturday. Though the game was not a true success, the experience was one I will remember always. I hope you consider my suggestion of a Long Island chapter for the Alumni Association. I would love to help in any way I could.
    Thanks again for all that you do!

  9. Scott,

    I just happen to read your tribute to Nellie Knorr. How wonderful.
    Here’s another side about Nellie. I worked for/with her for 13 years in her gardens. She was an avid gardener, very knowledgeable and very ‘in touch’ with nature. I loved working for her, she was one of the most gracious clients I have had. Very considerate and very easy to get along with. I will always value the years I spent with her.

  10. Scott I found your site on the web today, just wanted to say Thank you for acknowldging “Pay it foward” and how very important it is to others. after reading your post, I realized that I had litterly requested that someone (total stranger to me) take the time to print all the nice comments about her grandfather of 90 years old and read it back to him, that I felt that would be one of the best “thankyous” he could here.. your blog was my affrimation that I did the right thing.. so thank you.

  11. Scott,
    I’ve been following your Monday Motivators since December after learning about you from the blog you did on the MSU football teams banquet. Your MM’s show up in my email about 3pm and I look forward to Mondays because of them.

    As I’ve been in a career transition since December your MM’s have provided me with a sense of direction and, well, motivation. Your MM on June 3rd called “your elevator speech” really hit home and encouraged me to not only create an elevator speech but to think about what my professional brand is. Having a brand and speech prepared really helped me focus on what I needed my next career move to be and prevented me from wasting time on exploring opportunities that didn’t fit with my brand. Once established, my career search went by really fast and became fun. Yesterday I accepted a position with a company for a career, not a job. Exactly one week after being laid off, I don’t even have to file for unemployment. In the 12 since I’ve left MSU, my life has had a few more twists and turns than I expected but I’m ok with that. It’s lead me to exactly where I needed to be.

    I’ve forwarded many of your MM’s and have encouraged others to follow you. Thank you for spreading your sunshine!

    Jessica Assessor
    MSU December 2000

  12. Bravo, Jessica!

    You are the fire that feeds my desire to keep learning and sharing. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  13. I was lucky enough to have watched one of your motivational presentations a week ago at the UCA meeting, and I just wanted to thank you.
    I have been leading this past week with more insight, knowing that I WILL make it to my dream career of working at Warner Brothers. I have started to read the novel “Never Eat Alone” and I can’t wait for all of the other insights your Monday Motivator’s will bring me.
    Thank you for showing me what is possible out there, and to always focus on happiness.

  14. Hi Scott, I went to buy a couple copies of The Spartan Life as gifts but they weren’t available on Amazon, or really any other large online retailer. Seems like it’d be just another great channel of exposure for MSU. Hope to see them there soon – great work!


    Hi Caroline!

    You can grab The Spartan Life at All proceeds benefit the MSU Student Alumni Foundation!

  15. Dear Mr. Westerman,
    After serving this University with everything I have for over 28 years, I have become disillusioned and hurt. The reason are numerous and entirely moot. Life happens. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for stoking that fire inside of me that was in danger of being snuffed out. Your words resonated in my Spartan Heart, created a spark in my Spartan Soul and I feel able to refocus and face today, and all the days that follow.
    Thank you!

  16. I feel your pain, Rick,

    There was a moment, the summer before I came to MSU, where I was re-assessing my own happiness quotient and was struggling how to prioritize MSU in my own life.

    Gary Mescher talked me into one more swing of the bat, and that made all the difference. I’ll forever honor Gary, for that gift.. and am beyond grateful for the chance to serve you!

    Scott W.

  17. I’m in your lecture right now. You asked for feedback. Here goes: your lecture is good but you have a mistake on one of your slides that my friend noticed. Life is too short instead of ‘to’ short. Thanks for speaking to us tonight!

  18. Elizabeth!! I LOVE this! Thank you for paying attention to the details. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.. And it’s my favorite dish!

  19. Thank you Mr. Westerman,

    Please continue to promote the best of what MSU and it’s family is all about. I find myself so frustrated and tired of the same old same old about how we are NOTHING and this post expresses it perfectly. I may not have had the privilege of attending this wonderful university but I have the honor of being a parent of three amazing children who have and will graduate from SPARTAN NATION. My oldest Leith who graduated from the Eli Broad honors college and continued and completed his masters in auditing and accounting. Lexis who will be graduating this spring with her bachelors in public relations and communications. Last but not least Lawrence with graduates next year with a bachelors in hospitality. So thank you for them and all who attend MSU, thank you for your passion, thank you being our super hero and protecting the honor and integrity of OUR SPARTAN NATION!!!

    Mrs. Jacklin Zeidan
    Spartan Mom

  20. Hi Scott,
    I attended your presentation at NAMA and thought you were fantastic!!! I believe you said the presentation and videos would be available on your website, but I can’t find anything. The rest of my team wasn’t able to join and I would like to share it with them. Thanks for your help!

  21. Scott, I must tell you that your visit to Florida Blue was inspirational and blessed me very much. Thank you for dedicating the time to visit us and I’m looking forward to reading your book!!

  22. I rec’d a msg with your last msg on it. I understand you are no longer writing your Monday Motivators. (Ended in 2014). Is there any where to go to read your past posts? (like in archives or somewhere) Please let me know. I read this last one and I really like it. From reading the comments, you obviously were helping people in an extraordinary way that really needed it. Does your book include these? Thank you.

  23. Bless ya, Marcia! Yup, every single MM is right here on the site. You can find them quickly by typing “Monday Motivator” in the search Box.

  24. Jerry Hartweg was my percussion teacher at Interlochen during my junior and senior years of high (1968-1970), which was a, unbelievable stroke of luck! He was a remarkable man who was so full of life that those of us in the percussion section routinely snuck off to his mobile home on the outskirts of campus every time we got the chance. I was thinking about him just now, as I have many times since 1970, and decided to give Google a try to see if I could locate him and that’s when I found your story. I am very sad to hear that he passed away. Can you tell me when that was?

  25. Thanks for your note, Janice. Jerry passed away that week in 2009. He was a positive force in so many lives. Can’t pick up a set of drumsticks to this day without thinking about him.

    Scott W.

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