Opening Day

I love Opening Day. In Detroit, it’s still too cold and often too rainy. But none of that matters. It’s a new dawn and anything is possible.

There’s a magic to Opening Day that transcends the past time. It’s the smell of freshly cut grass mingling with the scent of hot dogs, Stroh’s beer and peanuts, the crack of the bat echoing through the stadium, the vibrant green diamond stretching out like a canvas of endless possibilities.

As a child, Opening Day wasn’t just the start of a new season for the Detroit Tigers; it was a promise. A promise that winter’s chill would soon surrender, that school days were numbered, and that absolutely anything could happen.

The great Tiger broadcaster Ernie Harwell used to say opening Day was the ultimate equalizer. Records are wiped clean, last season’s disappointments fade into the background, and every team stands proudly at the starting line. For a few glorious hours, the underdogs and the heavyweights occupy the same space, fueled by the same tenacious hope.

It’s a reminder that life, like baseball, is unpredictable. Fortunes can change in the blink of an eye, a single swing of the bat. It’s Ernie saying, “He struck him out,” or “It’s looooong gone!”

What I loved most about Opening Day at the old Tiger Stadium was the unyielding sense of optimism that filled the air. The Bengals were reborn. Old faces returned, mixed with the excitement of promising rookies. Every statistic, every prediction, was merely theory. The wins, the losses, the heartbreaks, and the triumphs were yet to be written. It was a fresh start, a clean slate.

Perhaps that’s the true magic of Opening Day – the metaphor it whispers to us all. Just like the first day of spring, self-renewal is everywhere. It’s an invitation to shed the weight of past failures and embrace the potential that lies ahead. No matter how difficult the previous season may have been, there’s always a chance to step up to the plate once more.

Opening Day reminds us that winners aren’t simply born, they’re made. Championships aren’t handed out, they’re earned through sweat, determination, and a relentless belief in the possible. It’s proof that on any given day, with enough grit and a sprinkle of luck, the impossible can become a reality.
Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, let the spirit of Opening Day ignite something within you. Let it fuel your courage to chase ambitious dreams and confront fears.

No matter how the winds of fate may blow, every single day holds the promise of a fresh inning, another at-bat, another chance to hit the singles which drive in the most runs, or knock the ball out of the park.

The scorecard is once again blank, the outcome waiting up to you.
Tighten the laces on your cleats. Step up to the plate, and swing for the fences of your boldest ambitions.

Why not make today your Opening Day? Seize the opportunity to rewrite the story. Let this be the season where anything can happen.

Here’s the wind-up and the pitch….