Save the Date: MI QSO Party 4/18/15

An early reminder for the Michigan QSO Party coming up April 18th.  The contest starts at Noon local time and runs through Midnight. We recently changed out all of our shack computers, so I’m working on installing  computer logging programs right now.  Hoping to have them all talking to each other and happy by QSO party time. I have purchased some USB to serial cables for the shack and I have both N1MM and Ham Radio Deluxe communicating with both radios. We will have to work a little harder this year, as i have put out the challenge our good friends at W8UM. They will be after “The Ol’ Michigan Log” for sure!

We plan on having 2 stations available for operation the entire 12 hour period. I’ll put out a call for operators next week so we can co-ordinate operating times for maximum scores. I’m hoping that we can again pair-up the more experinced operators with the new ones to provide guidence and training to the next generation of contesters. Plan on joining in on the fun!

73 fer nw, Gregg WB8LZG