Inside the new Brody Square

VIDEO: Take an HD Video Tour of Brody Square with MSUAA’s Dave Brown

For those of us who had a meal in the Brody cafeteria anytime before 2010, your next trip to what is now known as Brody Square will blow you away.

Until now, Snyder Phillips set a high bar for academic cuisine with the River Trail neighborhood at Owen a close second. No longer. While I will still be in love with Sny Phi, the new Brody takes the campus dining experience into the stratosphere.

First, the architecture. It’s stunning. From the pleasing neo modern lines to the generous use of windows for natural light, this isn’t the old Brody. Climb the stairs to the dining floor and you spill out into a bee hive of culinary delight. Like Sny Phi, there are the food stations, each catering to a specific taste. And the layout of the tables and chairs give one the feeling of intimacy even as it’s sprawl tells you that a ton of people can eat here at the same time.

Then there’s the technology. Gone are the roller coasters that take rows of dish laden trays to the waiting wash staff. Brody Square has an automated tray processor, six rows tall, that can handle the dirty stuff as fast as a busy student can load it up.

But ultimately, it’s the food. With station names like Homestyle, Brimestone Grille, Cayennes, The Boiling Point, Pangea, VegOut, Ciao, Salads + Sushi and Dolce, you instantly get a sense for the depth and breadth of the menu. Whether you want a chicken sandwich, a slice of margarita pizza, a classic american entrée or a distinctively ethnic dish, it’s all here. And if my personal experience is any indication, the dining experience is raising the bar in a big way.

Of course, there are the old faves we alumni remember, too. The chocolate milk, the ice cold Coca Cola (Thank you Rez Life for NOT serving Pepsi) and the wonderful MSU soft serve. The burger station cooks yours however you want it, including olive burgers for us Kewpee fans. And there is MSU’s signature all-day breakfast bar with the wides array of cereals on the planet.

And you’ll also find another factor that makes buying a meal plan THE thing to do at MSU: The service. I had the honor of addressing the Rez Life superstars who D.O.S.E (Deliver Outstanding Spartan Experiences) each and every day during their 2010 orientation. They are carefully selected, well trained and come with an attitude of fun and professionalism that makes Eating At State a true pleasure.

Guy Procopio, Director of Culinary Services, Bruce Haskell, Associate Director of Residential Dining, William H. Kost, Associate Director of Retail Food Services, Marta Mittermaier, Associate Director of Culinary Support Services, and my buddy Kurt A. Kwiatkowski, Corporate Chef, have outdone themselves. But they would be the first to tell you that it’s the hundreds of professional support staff and student employees who are the true engines of Spartan Service Excellence. And that excellence is on full display at Brody Square.

The new Brody opens for real when the Students arrive this next week. So next time you find yourself anywhere near campus, stop by and feel the magic. If you’re a student, faculty or staff member, explore your meal plan options at And Tweet to @EatAtState with your feedback on your personal Brody Square experience.

Tell em that Scott, The Alumni Guy, sent you! And look for me when you’re there. I Eat At State every day!