Social Media Insights: Links, Blogging and Brevity

Where Social Media and Blogging are concerned, a well fed feed that is brief, brilliant and link-rich is the goal.

One of the things that can help raise your website’s Google rankings is linking to internal pages. When you write a blog post, include links to other similar information on the site, something else that would add value.
This will become important as you continue to create social media content.. the second social media insight for your week.

Regular social media activity is the most effective way to generate traffic, search results and brand traction. And the posts don’t have to be lengthy. Check out Seth Godin’s Blog.

Seth Godin
Seth Godin

His blog posts are short, to the point and contain a ton of keywords that are associated with his brand.

Our attention spans are super short, so the more concise we can be in creating content, the more likely it is to be read and digested. When I was at a convention of fellow thriller writers last week, one of the best selling authors told me,

White space holds attention.. If you write long paragraphs, people will skip over them.

The same thing applies in our blogs. There is a reason that Twitter’s 240 characters and the short paragraphs “above the fold” on Facebook exist. Social media platforms are designed to feed our micro attention spans.
There’s a downside to being brief, too. Important context and detail often gets left out in favor of provocative sound bytes. Another reason to provide links to further reading.