It’s the little things..

Marriage is essnetially two people pushing down the top of the kitchen garbage so they don't have to take it out.Love grows in the little things you do for one another.

Since moving back to Florida and giving up the 24/7 executive life, I’ve realized how much I love doing the little things that make Colleen’s day better.

Our original agreement was that I would make the money and she would manage the home. It worked. There were sacrifices for sure. All of my career decisions were about growing income and responsibility to support the team. Some of those decisions weren’t fun. And Colleen delayed opportunities for her own professional growth to prioritize our children.

It was worth it. Our kids are the testament to the wisdom of that strategy.

But now, we both have the freedom to pursue our purpose and passions. The script has flipped. I’ve become much more aware of the little things Colleen has done for me. And now I get to do them for her.

Who would have thought that I could find fulfillment in the mindfulness of cleaning our apartment with the same attention to detail I used to give to a balance sheet?

ShadazzleTo come home to a well made bed, empty garbage cans and the breakfast dishes washed and put away seems simple.

When I see the smile on Colleen’s face as she walks in the door work to a home where she can relax and unwind reminds me of exactly how I felt when I was on the receiving end for so many years.

Love truly grows in the little things. The joyfulness of generosity is revealed in the subtle gifts of affection and respect that make all the difference..