DMR Continues to Grow in Michigan

From the CMEN Facebook Page

Central Michigan Emergency Network is at it again, we just connected our multi-site linked APCO P25 Network to the emerging world wide amateur radio P25 network. Brother TJ (KC8LTS) had a QSO with David (NX4Y) in Land O’ Lakes FL and Mitchelle (KH6MP) in Honolulu, HI at 15:30EDT today via the newly established linking. TJ was using an APX portable on our Detroit VHF site. Fellow brother Fred ( W8FSM ) was listening via telephone and helped to establish the linking with equipment that was installed over the past few months. Fred was quoted as saying ” Brother Eric (K8UH) was right chicks dig 900Mhz, but they dig P25 even more “

So as such going forward please use talkgroup 1 for in-state communications and talkgroup 10100 for world wide. We ask that all P25 users use their DMR-MARC DMR Radio ID as well on the P25 Network.

This is all in part to the work done on our Mi6WAN network as well as the hard work of our fellow brothers to start building out more P25 based repeaters on the VHF and 900mhz bands here in the state of Michigan. We hope to have announcements shortly of new 900mhz p25 sites going online and linked here in the state to add to our currently fleet of linked p25 vhf/900mhz machines.

Central Michigan Emergency Network was first to bring this standards based digital voice technology to amateur radio in the state just like we did with DMR/MotoTRBO and we will continue to grow and build out the coverage just like we always do.