Leveraging Free

Immediacy, personalization, interpretation, authenticity, embodiment, patronage and findability

Doc Searls post is on the money as usual channeling Jay Deragon and Kevin Kelly.

Interesting that the 7 generatives tie directly to some of the magic words Rob Curley uses make newspapers relevant in the Internet age. People who realize how this stuff works can be the next Internet millionaires.

Example: I saw that www.southparkstudios.com is now offering -every- episode as a high quality (authenticity) stream.. free. The commercials are brief and don’t feel intrusive, like the crap over at cnn.com.. Boy, do I miss Pipeline. The ease (immediacy, findability) with which you can get to an episode makes me hang here rather than at the other bootleg SP episode site. Sent the link to all my SP fan friends.

It works when you do it right. Wish the RIAA would wake up to this and start innovating and stop litigating. Just think of what us radio guys could do if we could get cheap mechanical licenses to podcast those 60s www.keener13.com hits we love so much!