Top Tweets – For the Week Ending April 27

Our mornings together cover a wide range of topics, from tech to pop culture. Our followers tell us what stories resonated most and we aggregate them here. The ultimate in “listener feedback”.

For a guy who shunned this kind of promotion for years, it’s good to see Bob Seger kicking up his social media presence. Way to go Punch.

The true cost of customer response, according to Seth Godin.

Don’t want to analyze the Mueller report? Axios has done some of the job for you.

I remember how much we radio guys loved / hated election ads. They got the cheapest rates and spent a ton. They were also a huge listener turn off. Here are the top social spenders in that space.

Is Twitter as bad as everyone is saying it is? If you left, where would you hang out instead?

What burns women out at work? According to The Harvard Business Review, it isn’t long hours.

In case you missed it. Rolling Stone on how songwriters and publishers are in an ongoing cold war with Spotify, which is fighting against increasing their pay.

AARP shares 7 ways scammers get your information.

From the land of Smart Phones: Samsung delays Galaxy Fold after numerous screen issues. Is AT&T’s “5G Evolution” marketing campaign false advertising? Sprint thought so. For people who aren’t paying close attention, it sounds like the next generation of telecom tech is here. Not quite. And the blowback is getting worse.

You wouldn’t believe how many people use easily hackable passwords.

Why Kara Swisher thinks Sri Lanka’s shutting down Social Media is a good thing.

Who is one of Amazon’s biggest customers? As iPhone sales slow, Apple spends over $30 million a month for content delivery.

“Life on the Scenic Route” – The mild-mannered Grandpa behind the Scott Owens persona tells the story of the extraordinary girl who changed my life.

From 1949: “An article in LOOK magazine predicted that radio was doomed and that within three years TV would overshadow radio completely.” Look ceased publication in 1971.

How do you silence your critics? If you are Facebook, you hire them.

To paraphrase Waylon & Willie: “Mamas, don’t let your babies be exposed to electronics.”

With Netflix pouring millions into original programming, guess what’s the most watched show?

It turns out that Boomers are the least likely to fact check what we see on Facebook. How many times Have I heard, “But it came from a friend I trust!”

Twitter does not represent all of America. (No surprise there.) Pew Research says: Adult users in the US are younger and more likely to be Democrats. Most rarely tweet, but the most prolific 10% create 80% of tweets.

Want to know an indicator of whether or not your marriage will last? Here’s one..

With the growing number of Amazon Prime trucks flying around town the new “one day delivery” pledge is no surprise. My prediction: Watch for a Prime rate increase, coming soon.

Productivity: A Medium writer on how to get your Inbox to Zero, even if you’re terrible at email.

Plan ahead! Buzzfeed shares 25 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Adore. (Mothers’Day is May 12.)