Today’s Highlights – June 24

Life has intervened these past few weeks and I haven’t had the time I had hoped to keep up with you here. Hope you have been following us on Twitter and Facebook.

I didn’t put a hot link on the FB word because I’m attempting to migrate our group to a page. Ironically, Facebook seems to be pushing back. I’ve had several messages that my set up there, pic of me with headphones and my logo banner image, “violate community standards”. They look to the Borg like spam. Sheesh. Just trying to give them the opportunity to touch me for boost money when I have posts that I’d like to promote to a broader audience.

End Rant.

Managing several websites as part of my many projects, I’m seeing an increase in attacks from the bot-sphere. I get about 20 failed attempts to lot in per day plus a couple of heavy duty dictionary attacks. For those who don’t know the lingo, these are people trying to break into this site and hack the content.

The Internet is home to many good folks, but also a bunch of bad ones, too.

In other news:

US Senators want to know just what price tag Google, Facebook and Twitter put on the data they collect from you. Even with a rising chorus of voices warning that some browsers are nothing more than surveillance devices, we still cough up our personal information quickly and willingly .

Singles released on June 24 include: Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (1967), Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” (1972), The Doobie Brothers’ “Eyes Of Silver” (1974) and the MTV fave, “Money For Nothing” from Dire Straits (1985).

Happy Birthday to:
1942 Arthur Brown (“Fire”)
1942 Michele Lee
1944 Jeff Beck
1944 Chris Wood (flautist/saxophonist/keyboardist for Traffic).
1945 Colin Blunstone (lead singer of The Zombies).
1947 Mick Fleetwood
1947 Peter Weller
1948 Patrick Moraz (keyboardist for Yes, The Moody Blues).
1949 John Illsley (bass guitarist for Dire Straits).
1950 Nancy Allen
1957 Terence ‘Astro’ Wilson (percussionist, trumpet player for UB40).
1959 Andy McCluskey (vocalist, bass guitarist for OMD)\
1960 Siedah Garrett, co-writer of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’.
1961 Curt Smith (bass guitarist, vocalist for Tears for Fears)