The Little Things

Sustaining any relationship over the long haul requires work. There are days you love each other, but don’t like each other very much. And as you grow, interests naturally diverge. Appreciating the real  person and understanding differences often require stepping outside your comfort zone.

The secret to 44 years together: “Never stop doing what you did to win her in the first place.”

My Queen is into the Revel Nail culture so we decided to honor our beautiful granddaughter, who was born with Down syndrome by giving me a blue pinky nail. (Blue and Yellow are the Down syndrome awareness colors.)

Nurturing romance is all about the little things we do together.

And Colleen’s attention to detail is a mindfulness exercise. I have a deep appreciation for all she does to stay engaged with the world, from fighting back against her Arthritis every morning at the gym, to the artistry she continually perfects to feel beautiful.

And sitting close while she holds my hand is still magic.