Scott responds to the Consumerist

By Scott Westerman

I rarely write here in my day-job role as a Comcast exec. The family blog expresses a few of my other passions. But I saw this post over at the Consumerist today and felt like sharing another opinion. I posted the following in the comment section, but since some folks don’t get all the way to the bottom of the chain, I’ll repeat it here.

Speaking as one of the 100,000 employees here at Comcast that serve our customers, I can tell you that the document does not reflect the attitude of the vast majority of our team members.

I’m proud to work with a great group who is dedicated to improving the customer experience. In an organization as big as ours, we’re bound to make mistakes. But the goal is to deliver a superior customer experience the first time and every time.

Size makes us an easy target. It’s easy for people to throw rocks. If you look hard enough, it’s just as easy to find uncomfortable customer experiences in our competitors houses. See here, and here, and here, and here, and here. But all of us want to provide excellent customer care. At Comcast, we’re listening to the blogs and engaging on FriendFeed and Twitter to learn where the areas of opportunity are. We try to put out the fires but at the same time seek to understand the root causes.

And we’re making progress. Over the last 12 months, we’ve made significant investments in additional human resources, training and technology, all focused on improving customer care. Our customers have asked for more price points, more HD and faster Internet speeds. We’re delivering on all of those promises and there is more on the way.

The world changes and we’re changing with it. The choices we have today are light-years ahead of what anybody envisioned when I got into the cable business 27 years ago. We’re operating in a competitive environment that keeps us all focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

But at the base of it all is our desire to build great customer relationships, one at a time. That’s our common passion at Comcast.

If you have an unresolved issue, we want to hear about it. Our local teams are the first best resource. 1-800-Comcast will connect you with the office that serves your area. But if the chain of command isn’t working, you can directly connect with us, via email at or @comcastcares on twitter.

We’re listening.

Scott Westerman
Area Vice President – Comcast
@comcastscott on Twitter