Scott Interviews: Eric Spitznagel – Rock Stars on the Record

This week, Rock and Roll Revisited host, Scott Westerman, interviews journalist and author, Eric Spitznagel, about his new book “Rock Stars on the Record – The Albums That Changed Their Lives.

Eric’s website describes him as, “a man who has written for a lot of magazines, most of them glossy and filled with pictures of celebrities with white teeth and flawless skin.” He’s been an editor at Men’s Health and The Believer, a columnist at MTV Hive,, and The New York Times Magazine, and the author of ten nonfiction books which have run the gamut from memoir to satire.
He’s Ann Arbor, Michigan born and spent his youth “up north” in Leelanau County, before moving to suburban Chicago at age 13. A self professed “band nerd”, he fell in love with music at an early age, worked in the background at Chicago’s “Second City” and was recruited to write for Playboy, a fortuitous moment that opened the world of words and gave him the opportunity to spend time with the likes of Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen.
His fascinating book, Old Records Never Die is a Hudson Booksellers best non-fiction book of the year. His latest is “Rock Stars on the Record,” a fascinating collection  of  Music Icons who talk about the albums that changed their lives.  If your a fan of Blondie, Devo, Earth, Wind and Fire and thirty plus other artists from Tommy Roe to Donny Osmond to “Weird” Al Yankovick, “Rock Stars on the Record” shines a light on the LPs and CDs that influenced a generation of music we all know well.