Almost a century ago, Calvin Coolidge said, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.” Today, that’s truer than ever.
Persistence wins. The spoils go to those who can keep going.
Entrepreneurial enterprises take at least five years to become profitable. I’m learning that success in writing can take up to a decade. Even the most gifted athletes require years to enter the elite.
Persistence separates the winners from the losers. Even a bad idea can find fans if someone keeps beating the drum.
The work is hard, often harder than we can imagine. Life throws obstacles in our path to test our commitment. Everything worth winning requires us to suffer, evolve and grow.
Persistence is inconvenient. Most would rather pursue activities that are tension relieving and not goal achieving. That’s the reason there are so few truly successful people in the world.
Whatever your current burden, carry it with pride, humility, and grace.
And never give up.
Persistence is the key.
The game only ends if you quit.