Pandemic Lessons

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s to treasure every single hug, to make a memory of every smile and to appreciate the gift of proximity. To value quality time and to place experience ahead of possessions.

Let pandemic reaffirm the worthiness of every soul. May we all develop the sensitivity to study the stories that eyes tell, to listen for the nuance a voice can reveal. To choose the words we type and the things we say with a little more sensitivity and care.

This is the currency of good will.  May we seek fresh ways to recognize and express emotion, joy, grief and intimacy; to bear witness to invisible burdens. And to do what we can, where we are right now to leave everyone we meet in a more peaceful place than we found them.

Humans were never meant to keep our distance. From this day forward, let us focus on this special power and purpose; to remind the rest of the world that what we share in common far outweighs our differences. And that for better or worse, we are all in this together.