Outta My Mind on Friday Moaning

Our thought for the day: “Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.”

Lots of great stuff crossed my consciousness this week. Here is some of the best.

Thinking about The Box:

Remember when MTV was a music channel? Noisey Does it right.. On line, along with Adweek’s list 100 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time.

Socially speaking:

Here is one opinion on how To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With LinkedIn.

We think often that Facebook and Twitter are the bomb. But don’t forget these 29 Social Networks that have at least one million visitors per day

How effective are your twitter activities? here are 7 Indicators of Twitter Influence.

Keeping you healthy:

Try these 10 Easy Food Switching Tips To Help You Stay Fit. And let’s get some advice on whether or not it’s ok to occasionally cheat on your diet? Had a couple of requests for more advice on building your core, so here are 4 great exercises to help Flatten Your Abs.

Everything old is new again:

Some old media folks are beating up Zite for aggregating their content, reminding me of the RIAA’s failed attempt to stem music piracy. Why do people really steal stuff on line, along with research on how to stop it (it’s not lawsuits).

Just for fun:

Some Creative messages for your answering machine. A page that let’s you Convert anything. And a Web 2.0 calculator.

Life 101:

How gratitude can help you be happy.

The Art of Admitting Failure.