Your Not To Do List

We’re wired to keep pressing forward, to do more, to take on additional burdens. What if it was ok to dial it back a little?

I had a conversation today with a writer friend who keeps filling her bandwidth with work. “It’s how I feel valued,” she said.

I can relate!

Listen to the narrative you tell yourself. Why do you place importance on certain things? What’s driving you? A hint: fear is the usual culprit.

Look at your larger world. What activities give you the most energy? When do you feel like you’re in the zone?

And sometimes what we decide NOT to do is more important than what’s on our goal list.

Be thinking about your 2022 “Not To Do List“. What items need to be on it?

Goals are essential. Make one of them “simplification” and start building that Not To Do List. That may be your most productive exercise of the year.