When You Win

By Scott Westerman
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“Winning takes talent. To repeat it takes character.”  ~ John Wooden

If your team was victorious this weekend.. Here are some things to ponder about victory.

When you win..

Remember all the times you failed, before you succeeded. Be humble.

Remember the people who raised you,  coached you, believed in you and were patient with you while you learned how to be good at what you do. Be grateful.

Remember the thousands of detractors out there who will always try to diminish your accomplishments, even though they could never duplicate them. These tragic souls will never know authentic victory. Be compassionate.

Remember your opponents. You have known what they now feel. When you were hurting, there were people who comforted and revived you. Magnanimity is the most important trait of a true victor. Be magnanimous.

Remember that those who sustain success continue to develop every aspect of their character; their mind, their body and their spirit. Nourish every aspect of your marvelous machine.

Remember the young people who look up to you and are watching how you behave when you win. They will emulate what you do. Model good behavior.

Remember that the good moments, just like the setbacks, are temporary. We learn from both. Always keep learning.

Most of all, remember that you are judged not by one win, but by a lifetime body of work. Build that body slowly, carefully and well. Great wins may soon be forgotten, but great people can leave a legacy that lives forever.

Aspire to greatness. It’s much more rewarding than the alternative. And the future or our world depends on it.