Single Combat

By Scott Westerman

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 “If it is to be, it’s up to me” William H. Johnson 

Life is ultimately Single Combat. And Rick Warren’s opening volley in the Purpose Driven Life, aside… It really is all about you.

It’s up to you to find a purpose and pursue it.
It’s up to you to keep an open mind and to never stop learning.
It’s up to you to have the courage to fail on your way to success.
It’s up to you to be accountable for your own actions, inactions and reactions.
It’s up to you to set the goals necessary to get you where you want to go.
It’s up to you to face the unpleasant realities of your current situation.. and to deal with them.
It’s up to you to keep the faith. There is always hope, unless you give it up.
It’s up to you to inspire others to follow you through the example of your service to others.
It’s up to you to learn how to love yourself, so you can learn how to love the rest of the world.
Happiness is a choice. It’s up to you to decide to chose it.

The Peaceful Warrior understands that life is “single combat”. We attract fellow travelers, but in the end, we alone are responsible for causing the effects we wish for ourselves.

Nobody else can make your dreams come true. Only you can.
It’s up to you to take the first step in that direction.. right now.