If he was the guy..

By Scott Westerman
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Finding a soulmate to share your adventures can be a daunting task. This past week a friend told me about an unexpected break up, and it got me to thinking about some of the qualities we look for in our best friends for life.

For those of us who have found our partners, perhaps these words can reaffirm everything you already know about one another. And maybe remind us to keep doing the things we did to win them in the first place. If you’re still looking, like my young woman friend, these are the qualities worth looking for.

If he was the guy…

He would have been patient with you, knowing that you are totally worth the wait.
He would have kept the communication channels open, knowing that the most magic parts of a woman’s heart speak in nuances.
He would have given you space with out closing the door, realizing that things that are truly meant to be will come to pass.
He would have worked a little harder, paid a little more attention, shown a little more compassion.
He would have trusted that friendship is at the root of all true love.
He would have realized that behind the smile, beyond your wonderfully beautiful exterior, beneath the facades, and within the deepest recesses of your imperfect, worthy soul, lies someone’s soulmate..
Someone who will make his heart race when he sees your smile..
Someone with a gaze will create a deliciously incongruous mixture of inner peace and fiery passion..
Someone who will test his forbearance while taking him to the heights of happiness..
Someone who will grow along with him, allowing you both to become the authentic people you were born to be.

If he was -the- guy, he would understand that all these same things would be true… if you were -the- woman. Worth the wait. Worth the uncertainty. Worth the disappointment.

Worth the investment.

The hardest thing to trust in moments like these is this: You will be somebody’s soul mate. You will find someone who deserves you just as much as you deserve them.

Happiness is your birthright. Define it. Understand it. And chase it until you find it!