Choosing Excellence

By Scott Westerman
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Scott’s Maxim – “A life with or without purpose comes with the same amount of pain and inconvenience. Why not choose Excellence? And chase it!”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is this: Excellence takes time. Being really good at something is not supposed to be easy. That’s why so few truly achieve excellence. It requires courage, curiosity and consistent effort.  Few are willing to pay the price to play. The rest sit on the couch and watch.

The people I most respect are those who never give up on their dreams. They are committed to work through every plateau, around every obstacle and in spite of the negative feedback that others use to justify their own mediocrity.

Excellence lives on the extra mile. And that can be a lonely road.. at first. Eventually, fellow travelers who share your desire and determination will run at your side. They will stretch you, challenge you and sustain you, even as you will stretch, challenge and sustain them.

And when you reach the top of your game, you will find yourself standing on the shoulders of these believers. At that moment, your strongest impulse will be to pull them up there with you, to see what you see and to do what you do.

Because people who make their dreams come true have one other important character trait in common. They help others do the same thing.

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