Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

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My years as a turnaround guy came rushing back as I followed Ted Lasso’s Emmy Award-winning adventures as a fish out of water who everyone expected to fail. His wisdom has value in every workplace.

Find your Nates–Galit Feinreich, writing at fortune.com points to equipment manager, Nate, brilliantly portrayed by Nick Mohammed. There’s a Nate in every organization. Someone down the food chain who sees the business through a different lens and can offer a great idea if we only ask for it.

Rituals can build camaraderieThe Peoplestorming blog believes, “Rituals quickly become cultural touchstones. The practices we share create structure in our lives that bind us to other people. They are, in fact, a platform for relationship building as well as achieving other important outcomes.”

Lead with empathy–The University of Rochester’s Phil Sennet reminds us of the power of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. When someone believes you truly care about them, it builds trust, loyalty and commitment, three of the keys to sustainable success.

Optimism is a competitive advantage – And Kris Blake, one of the brilliant folks at Singlestone Consulting, sees Ted as “the eternal optimist.” His positivity may feel over-the-top, but Kris rightly points out that a “can-do attitude creates a ripple effect,” that can be contagious.

Timeless television shows often carry underlying life lessons. The Twilight Zone wrapped insights about prejudice and war in absorbing science fiction. M.A.S.H. addressed a plethora of issues, from bullying to the death of a loved one. Reference scenes from compelling movies and TV in your messaging to your team. Watching others navigate tough issues can provide a helpful frame of reference as we explore the path.