Hand in Hand

To my beloved Grandson:
Once upon a time
My hand was just as yours.
Life was simple. Needs were few.
Every day was something new.
As time went by awareness came
Of love and hate, of pride and shame
Of black and white and shades of gray.
And sometimes just to survive the day
Was a victory on which I built
The foundations of the dreams
That became a lifetime.
Once upon a time
Your father’s hand was just like yours.
I loved him just as he loves you.
And tried to be the best parent I could.
Sometimes I succeeded.
Sometimes I failed.
But everything your dad and I did
We did Hand in Hand.
He didn’t come with an operating manual.
Neither do you.
In the end, I know he’ll do the best that he can do.
Watching him hold you now.
Brings back memories.
Of every joy, every pain
Every fear, each loss, each gain.
And one day, if he is as lucky as I was.
Your first born will place his newborn hand
Around his grandfather’s finger.
And my wonderful son will remember
How the two of you shared this great adventure
Hand in Hand.