From the front lines: Day 32

Sleeping BeautyAs many of you know, I’m currently embedded with the WestermaNation “Operation Total Cure”. I serve as an aide to the courageous woman who is at the front of the battle.

Colleen has ovarian cancer. We had hoped she would dodge the bullet that took her sister, Anita, from us. We studied the enemy closely.  We made sure our forces were fit, trained and prepared. We built a strong perimeter. We took pre-emptive action.

But a small, and dangerous cell remained. Our search and destroy team discovered it during her proactive hysterectomy. We believe we have eradicated it.

We’re not taking chances though. This week we initiated chemical warfare.

Like all weaponry of this kind, there is a risk of friendly fire. We were warned of a plethora of side-effects and took precautions. Our battle dress now includes two wigs (Those things were expensive! I now understand how the government pays $300 bucks for a screwdriver.). The infusion nurses gave Colleen a tool box of counter measures, should anything uncomfortable enter her green zone.

So far, so good.

We’re at the point where we’ve been told that side effects should occur. To date, aside from some fatigue and a flushed face, The Queen has few complaints. We know that there is pain ahead. We are willing to endure the short term sacrifice to achieve the long term objective.

She is on a schedule that should conclude her chemotherapy by the end of March. Her doc believes that she will defeat this stage-one enemy  and enjoy a long and cancer-free life.

Her attitude is good. Her support systems, doctors, family and friends are superb. And we believe that we will prevail in “Operation Total Cure”.

But we also realize something else.

Our second life together began on November 27, 2009.

Whether or not her cancer continues to play a role in our remaining time together, it will not stop us from enjoying every extra moment. We realize that we were given this second life to make a difference in our world, and to be acutely aware of how lucky we are… to have each other.

We fully intend to make the most of it!