Building your morse confidence

One of the wonderful ironies of our hobby is how everything old can be new again. I was licensed back when morse code proficiency was a requirement. I learned enough to copy the WPM needed for my ticket, but never developed that confident combination of fist and ears to inculcate old fashioned Continuous Wave (CW) into my ham radio routine.

When KX9X came to town, one of the many things we discussed was how to put some more cardio into our code. Sean shared these two resources:

RufzXP is a nifty little Windows program that spits out nothing but ham IDs. In fact, it takes it’s name from the abbreviation of the German word “Rufzeichen-Hören”, which means “Listening to Callsigns”. It speeds up or slows down based on your growing, or in my case, declining compitence.

Morse Runner teaches the skill that is at the heart of Radiosport, CW contesting. It’s a simulator that fires QSOs at you as fast as you can accurately copy them.

Add these two to your workout routine and you’ll be amazed at how you’ll become a stronger, faster and more confident operator.


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