How Power is Earned

How Power is Earned

We can earn just about anyone’s regard by helping them build their own self respect. This doesn’t mean capitulating on your principles, or knuckling under to a bully. It does mean choosing carefully how and when we react. As Stephen Covey says, “Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose.”


By Scott Westerman Over the last 72 hours, I’ve put 2300 miles on the horse. Albuquerque to San Antonio to East Lansing. I got in early this morning, hence the delay in sending you The Motivator Monday morning distribution. Since I’ve been focused on keeping it between the ditches and…

Turn the Prism

By Scott Westerman Remember when “reinventing the wheel” was a bad thing? We currently live smack dab in the middle of an era that requires reinvention. Those tried and true patterns that used to guide us don’t necessarily work anymore and the new stars will be those creative people who…