Carpe Diem!

After 8 years, 3 months and 17 days of living the Spartan Life, Colleen and I are headed back home to Florida.

On January 1, 2010, we began our MSU Alumni Association adventure at the Alamo Bowl. Since that time, we have lived and loved the MSUAA lifestyle. Michigan State cured her Ovarian Cancer twice, giving us a second life of service to the university we both love.

In parallel, our family has also grown and expanded. We have been blessed with two amazing grandchildren, one of whom came to us with the extra gene that is a marker for Down Syndrome. For some time, we’ve contemplated returning to Florida to play a larger role in their lives.

“The Real” Scott Westerman

My father, “The Real” Scott Westerman is one of big reasons we’ve enjoyed our time in Michigan. He’s lived in the town where I was born, Ann Arbor, for nearly 7 decades. and we’ve cherished every extra inning we’ve been able to share with him. Last weekend, he made the decision to enter hospice care and has strongly encouraged us to consider giving his grandchildren and great grandchildren  the love and attention we’ve focused on him.

Juliette Pamela Westerman

With the conclusion of another school year, that time has come. I’ve reluctantly shared my intention to leave my role as the Executive Director of the MSU Alumni Association and will shortly be immersing myself again in the lives of those I love most.

These past 8 years plus have been among the most challenging and rewarding of my career. The extraordinary MSUAA team has transformed the definition of alumni relations and the worldwide Spartan alumni family have been contributors to building on the magical concept of “Spartans Helping Spartans” that is the true secret of our success. In every Spartan season, we listened and we cared, making sure your feedback was heard and celebrating your successes as examples of the best that Spartans can endeavor to be.

The list of people who have been instrumental in my life these past 8 years is too long to recount here. Any accomplishments I may have enjoyed is a direct result of your influence.

I conclude my service with an immense feeling of gratitude, confident in the resilient power of the Spartan Spirit because of the many thousands of you I have come to know who live it every day.

Thank you for the deep honor of serving you, for your valuable advice and counsel, for the enduring friendships that we will always cherish, and for your love for Michigan State.

7 Replies to “Carpe Diem!”

  1. Scott,
    Very sorry to hear you will be stepping down. You have done a great job growing and strengthening the MSU Alumni Association membership since you took the helm. I hope the next chapter of your life will be fulfilling. You will be missed by Spartan faithful.

  2. We will miss you and Colleen so much. Thanks for all of your contributions. Stay in touch!

  3. Scott,
    It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you on the Alex’s great State Race. I am so happy that you will be able to go and enjoy your family in Florida as a grandparent being close to the grandkids is so important to them and something you will never regret. If we end up in Florida sometime I will look you up to say hi.

  4. Scott-
    I’m sorry I got to know you so late in your career. Your guidance during a difficult time in my life will forever be appreciated. It was an important step in a very long healing process and helped me turn my own painful experience into a teaching moment for the university we both love. Regardless of anything else, those communications helped me regain my love and faith in MSU.

  5. Thank you Scott and Colleen, if nothing else for keeping track of our Sarah while she was at Michigan State. You made a difference for her and us, and we will be forever grateful. If anyone epitomizes major Green Spartan love- it is both of you. You made a difference for MSU, and for all of the alumni, who are in our green world doing amazing things, for their communities, their countries, and our world. Our thoughts and prayers go with you, as you get to your number one supporters in Florida, your family.

    Thank you. Rose Pomeroy

  6. Bless you, Amy! Thank you for the deep honor of serving you. Your courage and strength are two things I’m drinking in right now. Thank you for being one of my role models for bravery and tenacity.

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