Here’s what the future looks like

While some newspapers are combining their content resources, my hero Rob Curley continues to innovate. Here’s what it takes to join his organization.

* 4+ years of Web design, preferably for a media company.
* Expert knowledge of semantic XHTML and CSS.
* 1 year of basic server-side web development, ideally in a Linux or Unix environment with Python/Django, but any dynamic language will do.
* A portfolio that blows our socks off.

A huge plus:
* Working knowledge of Flash/AS3.
* Working knowledge of data exchange formats, most notably XML, RSS and JSON.
* Experience in a newsroom and associated skills: news deadlines; accuracy; journalism ethics and basic understanding of media law.

And just so you know:
* You have to have a killer work ethic. If that needs to be explained, then please don’t bother to apply. At least not with us.

We’re looking for people who have a passion for all of this and what it stands for.

For us, success means a fully functional, dynamic site in just hours from conception.

Any of these words unfamiliar? Time to sharpen the saw.

Rob is still one of the smartest newspaper guys on the planet. Here’s another example of his brilliance.

Even in this depressive economy, there is a TON of opportunity for those with passion, drive and an open mind.

Every business is a coin with two sides. On one side is the revenue engine. What’s your company’s current economic denominator? How can you help them leverage the activities that generate more cash?

On the expense side, there are almost always ways to improve our effectiveness. A single percentage point in productivity can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

This is a time to rethink every paradigm, to turn the prism and look at the world differently. New stars are born in un-certain times.

And the best news of all: The fundamentals haven’t changed. It’s still all about passion and persistence. About going the extra mile. About serving others and endeavoring to make the world a better place.

Focus on these things and 2009 can be your best year ever.