7 Keys to Great Content Curation

Sharing useful content establishes you as a thought leader in your brand space. Here are seven helpful keys to finding and sharing it.
Start with the brand – Decide what your area of expertise will be and build your knowledge base there. Avoid stepping out of your lane.
Make it relevant and timely – Talking about timely topics can elevate your search rankings and get your posts shared. Make sure it has meaning to your audience.
Make it personal – Add your own take. Explaining why it’s important builds your thought leader credibility. Reference and link to content you’ve created in the space.
Use reliable sources and Include links – Research trusted voices, check what you share for accuracy and give the reader hot links if they want to dig deeper.
Engage your audience – Ask for their take in the comment section. A feedback summary can make a great post, too.
Post regularly on platforms where your audience is – Use a scheduler like Hootsuite or Semrush and write up your posts in advance. Learn when your readers are most likely to be on-line and schedule your content in that window. But also be prepared to post in real time if a trending topic in your area of expertise emerges.
Study your analytics – Watch who’s reading what. Use your data analysis to focus curation on areas that generate the most interest within your brand space.
If you employ these ideas with regularity, you will develop an influencer’s image. Your SEO rankings will rise. And before long, content curators may be quoting you.