WWI Ingenuity

Beyond the horrors of interrogation and torture, lack of information about what’s happening on the outside is was a huge challenge for prisoners of war during World War II. Here’s how POW’s kept informed by  making their own radios while in captivity.

The Raspberry Pi Zero and D-STAR

For those without a D-STAR repeater in the neighborhood,  the Raspberry Pi is a highly serviceable solution. With a number of SD Card images available and the ease of interface to the ubiquitous DVAP Dongle, talking digital is a breeze. Now comes the Raspberry Pi Zero, a $5.00 iteration that’s…

Raspberry Pi – a la mode

A cool technological topping to the Raspbery Pi. From the TNC-X.com website: “TNC-Pi is a special version of TNC-X designed to interface directly with the Raspberry Pi computer. It can connect to the Pi either via the Pi’s serial port, or via the I2C protocol. In the latter case, a…

The Slinky Dipole

Here’s proof that hams can figure out a way to use just about anything to get on the air.  It’s not the most durable of antennae, but in a pinch, this accidental invention can work well. Want to know how and why it works? Here’s the answer.

Kits and catalogs of yore

Once upon a time, we built Heathkits and Knightkits and got our resistors, capacitors and solder from places like Allied, Radio Shack and Lafayette Radio Electronics. Allied has had a renaissance as a mail order parts retailer, but brick and mortar stores are fading into the sunset. Elecraft remains the…