Keeping the Past alive.

My good friend, Dan Romanchik recently wrote about his disappointment to learn that WV7G, who posted a plan for a single tube transmitter had passed away and his web page describing the project had seemingly passed on with him. Enter W5RST, who referenced the Internet Archive, where web content seemingly lives forever. Lo and behold, WV7G’s post was still there. I grabbed a couple of photos of the layout and the schematic to help propagate the project into the future.

Two lessons here. #1 – Hams are always there to help us solve just about every problem. W5RST did the Internet Archive due diligence straight away. #2 – It’s up to us to perpetuate the magic. Think about how you might inspire someone to become a part of our “essential avocation”. There’s a lot to love in amateur radio. Share some.

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