You Don't Understand Our Audience

John Hockenberry hits the nail right on the head in this viscerally enlightening piece for Technology Review. This guy should be working for Rob Curley. Some of the best video journalism these days is coming out of the few newspapers that understand that journalistic content creation is their core competency. Here’s an example.

    “One might have thought that the television industry, with its history of rapid adaptation to technological change, would have become a center of innovation for the next radical transformation in communication. It did not. Nor did the ability to transmit pictures, voices, and stories from around the world to living rooms in the U.S. heartland produce a nation that is more sophisticated about global affairs. Instead, the United States is arguably more isolated and less educated about the world than it was a half-century ago. In a time of such broad technological change, how can this possibly be the case?”