The view from here

We’re living on the Atlantic Ocean this summer. Colleen and I get up before dawn most mornings and stand on our 12th floor balcony to watch the sunrise. Every panorama is unique. Some mornings present an orange fireball that peeks above a placid sea into a cloudless sky. On other days, the horizon is boiling with thunderheads. Waves crash onto the sand and we can see sheets of rain falling dozens of miles away. And yet, each cloud reveals a golden lining as the center star of our galaxy asserts its message of hope and power: There will be stormy days, but they will pass. The rain they bring is essential to our very existence. The wind tests the strength of things we’ve built together and the roots we’ve put down in the many places we’ve called home. And the sun always returns to renew our faith.

This is the rich portfolio of blessings that make life interesting. Each day contributes value, even though it might not feel like it in the moment.