The Cobweb Antenna

It’s small, lightweight, strong, only requires a single support, needs no rotator, gives full size dipole performance on all 5 HF bands, is fed by a single 50 ohm coax, and produces a horizontally polarized signal that minimizes RF interference.

Introducing the Cobweb Antenna.

Actually it’s been around for some time and is a favorite for those of us with limited space for an antenna. It’s design let’s you run some serious power with a minimum of interference that could agitate the neighbors and it’s light enough to hold fast and steady on a single pole. It’s a true omnidirectional antenna so you’ll lose those inevitable nulls that long-wires and dipoles can create.

And although there are places that sell them in relatively easy to assemble kits, you can fabricate your own.

Learn more about this versatile antenna at GT3XQ’s website.