In memory of Andrew Olmsted

I was talking with a co-worker this week about a challenge she’s facing at the office. It’s a big one, an issue that would definitely keep me up at night. She said something that put it in immediate perspective,

“If you’ve lost a child, everything else is much less important.”

She an her husband lost a 5 year old son. She said it without visible emotion. But even though it’s been several years, they are still trying to recover.

Unless we have lost a loved one, it’s easy to put this 7 year Iraq disaster at the back of our minds. We have our careers, our friends, our lives and too many of us have become emotionally insulated from the immeasurably tragic human toll that continues to mount, day by day, over there. Read this post.. and the comments.. Whatever your political point of view, try think about what you might do to move us one small step closer to bringing America’s finest home.