Essential Apps

By Scott Westerman
Help! I need advice on the perfect cell phone!

I admit it. I’m starting to tire of how ineffective the iPhone keyboard works with my fat fingers. I miss my Blackberry Pearl and it’s fast, intuitive thumb board.

And, of course, AT&T’s coverage in my neck of the woods (perhaps it my phone) leaves a lot to be desired.

So when my term comes up, I’ll be shopping a new phone.

So help me make a list of the essential characteristics and applications that are most important to you. Here are a few of mine.

The Phone:

  1. It must have a really powerful radio and an effective antenna (Think the latest iPhone issues – nuff said.
  2. It’s gotta be easy to type. Fast, intuitive and shouldn’t require too much accuracy.
  3. Effective Speech to Text functionality – So I can listen to and respond to emails n such while driving.
  4. It should also double as a wi-fi access point. I love my MiFi, but why should I pay double?
  5. It must have GPS functionality (see the app list below).
  6. It must have hands free capability – Bluetooth, wired headset.
  7. Text support must be first class.
  8. The browser must render well, whether or not the website recognizes it’s a mobile phone.
  9. Camera functionality should allow for easy uploading to TwitPic, Facebook and fast MMS conversion, plus high rez for Flickr, etc.
  10. It’s gotta vibrate – I don’t use ringtones.
  11. It must have a really good media player – And the ability to play my faves from my MP3 library and my movies.
  12. A reliable alarm clock.
  13. It can’t be too small or too big – Has to fit in my shirt pocket. I don’t wear holsters.

The apps:

Must Have:

  1. Twitter (multiple account and scheduled tweet support)
  2. Facebook / Linked-In
  3. Mail – Must work seamlessly with GMail and Microsoft Outlook Enterprise.
  4. RunKeeper – Yeah, I’m a mutant who loves pounding his joints on asphalt.
  5. The Weather Channel and a really, really good real-time radar app
  6. Amazon Kindle
  7. Integrated Skype functionality.
  8. Zenbe – My favorite to-do list manager
  9. A radio stream player that works with NPR, BBC and the Spartan Network (I’m not into Pandora).
  10. A calculator – just in case.

Nice to have:

  1. WordPress – So I can update my blogs on the go.
  2. LogMeIn – So I can manage my computers on the go.
  3. Hulu Plus
  4. Netflix (not just a queue manager.. a player)
  5. Ustream streamer
  6. Tripit

That’s my list. Bring on the feedback! What am I forgetting? Which phones do you recommend? Use the comment functionality so we can all discuss and debate.

I promise to amplify this across all my networks, so your input will help others!

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3 Replies to “Essential Apps”

  1. Bias aside, the Samsung Epic is the best phone I’ve ever had. Only downside is battery life. Buy a backup battery and you’ll be set!

  2. Hi Scott: Paula and I just got the Samsung Fascinate about four weeks ago. The keyboard is still virtual but it turns sideways and you can let the message thing suggest the word you are typing and fill it in. That’s handy. Also, Paula has chosen to use the feature of drawing the letters to make it type. Very interesting. The Google operating system is pretty darn powerful so that’s a big plus. The screen on the Fascinate is large and beautiful. I haven’t had time to explore all the features, but I’m impressed. We use Verizon which I think can’t be beat for coverage just about everywhere!

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