The Monday Motivator goes to press!


Your kind words for my humble Monday Motivator have been truly inspiring. Writing these short essays each week is a labor of love for me.

I have enough of these tomes down on paper to fill a small book and will be publishing them under the title “The Spartan Life”.

Most authors seek quotes from famous names that everyone knows for the inside of their book jackets. Not me. I prefer your insights.

I would be honored if you wanted to share a couple of sentences about how the thoughts in “The Spartan Life” have touched your heart. Shoot me a note along with how you’d like your name and what city you’d like recognized as your location (your title is fine, too if that feels good). I promise to include as many as come in before I send the final edit to press in the next week or so.

Thanks for your encouragement and support for “The Spartan Life”. You are the real reason I enjoy writing!

Scott Westerman

“No matter how my life is going at a particular time, when I get the Monday Motivator in my inbox, it serves as a positive “reboot” to my attitude and helps me put things in better perspective. It’s also a down to Earth connection to all things “Spartan”: friends (old and new), traditions, opportunities, resources, and the foundation of my life as a Michigan State University Alumni.”

Jeff Smith
Rochester Hills, Michigan

There’s such a difference between “words” and “words with heart” and there’s never a doubt that Scott’s heart is in his Monday Motivator. It’s one of those rare e-mails that goes in the folder “To be savored!”

Paul McConaughy
MSU Radio & TV ’73