Amateur Radio has a Starring Role in this new Thriller

Amateur Radio saves the day, “when all else fails” in “Chasing Vega” a new cop thriller from author Terry Shepherd.

“As a licensed radio amateur, I was excited to include both real-life amateurs and the robust technology of our essential avocation,” Shepherd said. “Amateurs provide crucial assistance in the climactic chase scene, utilizing ‘Automatic Position Reporting System’ APRS trackers to point law enforcement in the direction of a killer.”

“Chasing Vega” is getting five star reviews at Amazon and praise from thriller authors and law enforcement alike.

“Jessica Ramirez is a kickass cop with a strong moral compass and the grit to prove she belongs with the big boys. I can’t wait to see what she does next,” wrote Danielle Girard, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of “White Out”

Lieutenant Traci Ruiz (RET), on whom the leading character is based wrote, “Superstar protagonist Detective Jessica Ramirez is resilient and tenacious when it comes to seeking justice. Adding a Latin spice female heroine to the equation leaves the reader hungry and wanting to dive in for more. Chasing Vega…a new thrilling meaning to my law enforcement motto ‘Stay Safe!’”

Chasing Vega is a fast-paced, crime thriller written in the style of Lee Goldberg or Megan Abbott with a fabulous cast of characters,” said best selling author and story consultant Dawn Alexander. “Jessica is based on a real-life, Latina police officer. I’d love to have drinks with her sometime and just listen to her stories!”

Jessica and her partner Alexandra struggle with not only the issues before them but also the decision of who they are and where they fit in the world,” wrote Chris Dunkeson – KE5OHS in his five star Amazon review. “I was quickly wrapped up in the story and couldn’t put it down.”

Terry Shepherd is the pen name of Scott Westerman – W9WSW, first licensed in 1982 and an ARRL member for over 38 years. Kevin Smith – N4FMQ and Brian Mileshoky – N5ZGT have significant cameos in the book.

The book is available in both digital and paperback at