Victimhood has always bothered me. Too many get addicted to it as a way to seek attention and forget its value as a reflective, temporary detour on a continuing journey of growth and contribution.
It’s taken me five years to realize I was stuck there. My generation grew up in a world where closure was part of the last act of every television show. That’s not real life.
I lost sight of one of my favorite maxims: The race is not always won by the fastest, nor the strongest. It is often won by the tenacious competitor who can keep going when everyone else has given up.
Closure isn’t a prerequisite for progress. It’s a narrative that keeps you tethered to a fractured past. Deal with the pain, be thankful for lessons learned, and shift your focus to the opportunities waiting to be discovered in your present. Moving on isn’t about closure. it’s about choosing to keep pressing forward.
Outcomes don’t require tying a bow in the past. They happen because of clearly articulated goals, positive behaviors and healthy habits that are vividly visualized and repeatedly practiced.
Imagine a world of abundance for all who decide to chase it. Start working toward that vision today and never stop. This is how every productive advance comes to be.