The Healing Power of Friendship

Scott’s Maxim: If you want to know who your real friends are, see what they do for you when there is nothing you are able to do for them.

It is impossible to overestimate the healing power of friendship.

In a world that often asks, “What can you do for me?” the most valuable individuals are those who stay, offering nothing but themselves. We’ve been fortunate to have companions on our journey, standing with us through cancer, celebrating highs, and enduring lows. These true friends allow us to share laughter, tears, anger, and doubt.

During Colleen’s cancer battle, we discovered that the real miracle drug is not injected or swallowed; it’s the warm embrace of an empathetic soul. True friends listen, bring back laughter after tears, and encourage us to make the most of life’s moments. Professionals play a vital role, but equally essential are those who stay when others retreat.

Real friends read your lengthy emails, respond authentically, and meet you for lunch when needed. They challenge and, most importantly, listen, understanding that healing often occurs when burdens spill out in disconnected paragraphs.

Identifying true friends involves observing their actions when there’s nothing to gain. These gems are precious, having seen you at your best and worst yet loving you unconditionally. Only a few exist, more valuable than any material success.

We ponder our friends daily, grateful for their presence. A call from a former team member with ovarian cancer reignites memories of our own journey, reflecting the kindness others bestowed upon us. The essence of kindness lies in passing it on, an irony that manifests in finding joy amidst tribulations when true friendships flourish.