The Families We Choose

We travel through life’s journey with two families: Those we get via the flip of the biological coin and The Family We Choose.

In my hierarchy of wisdom, “We become who we hang with,” is second only to the Earl Nightingale chestnut, “We become what we think about.” The special connections we forge with friends, mentors, and kindred spirits will profoundly influence our own contributions to a world in need of engaged, caring role models.

The family we choose is united by shared values, common interests, and a genuine understanding of who we are. They accept us for our true selves, embracing our strengths and weaknesses, and providing support in both triumph and adversity. These rare spirits are a safe haven where we can be authentic and vulnerable. Their unconditional love and encouragement inspire us to chase our dreams, overcome obstacles, and persevere.

The family we choose can push us beyond our comfort zones. They see our potential, even when we don’t. They can help us find the courage to embrace change, take risks, and pursue the self-discovery essential to becoming our best selves.

The family we choose creates a rich tapestry of shared memories, adventures, and experiences that weave into the fabric of our lives. Through laughter, tears, and meaningful conversations, we learn and grow. We share a common desire to celebrate each other’s successes and navigate challenges together.

The family we choose helps us create the lasting legacy we hope to pass on. The love, support, and sense of belonging we provide to one another transcend time and ripple across the waters of humanity to future generations.

For the luckiest among us, our biological families, and the soulmates who become our partners can be the bedrock on which purposeful, productive lives are built. The family we choose can cement that firm foundation, help us weather any storm and continue the evolution and growth that make a life the adventure story it was meant to be.