Kindness in the Eye of the Storm

Extraordinary times reveal character. Hurricane Ian’s aftermath reminds us that kindness still beats in many human hearts.

Every day, we turn on the news and see narratives of hate, violence, and division. In a world that sometimes seems to reward selfish people who only care about personal power and comfort, it’s easy to become cynical and think that our civilization is falling apart.

A friend just sent me a video she took, heading north on Interstate 95. The southbound lanes were filled with caravans of first responders and semi-trucks loaded with supplies to rebuild and sustain the thousands of lives impacted by nature’s devastation.

I witnessed strangers purchasing supplies at Home Depot here in Jacksonville this weekend, clearly destined for far away places where they are needed most. “For a friend of a friend in South Florida,” said one in the check-out line.

The response to Ian’s trail of destruction is a sign. In spite of all the negativity surrounding us, there are also tales of hope, love, and goodness.

Humanity is not just a noun. It’s also a character trait to which the best among us aspire.