What I Want for Christmas

As my grandkids open package after package on Christmas day, “Give me more,” is becoming an entitlement.

Things shift with age. We learn how the giver gets a greater psychic pay-off than the recipient. We linger over holiday cards, considering the importance of the friendships they represent. We talk more about experiences and less about things. Entitlement is a myth. Freedom is always at risk. It’s never over until it’s over.

With these curmudgeonly thoughts in mind, here is my 2022 wish list:

I want us all to work towards better health – Illness often strikes bodies compromised by time, lack of exercise and bad habits. May we work to take better care of our marvelous machines and be mindful of our potential to spread germs to those who can’t.

I want more courage – Courage to speak out against hate, ignorance and poverty. Courage to challenge paradigms, both others and my own. Courage to take risks at a time of life where many my age start to coast. Courage to contribute to solutions instead of complaining about problems. May I find the courage to be vulnerable, even if it opens me up to discomfort.

I want more discipline – Those who do amazing things share one thing in common. They plan their work and work their plan. May I review my priorities and build accountability systems to progress.

I want to better understand people I don’t like – Politicians and the media magnify our divisions. The more opportunistic among us fan the flames of negativity to hold on to power, maintain the status quo and protect out uncomfortable comfort zones. Every point of view is the result of experience. May I better understand what factors made us all the people we are.

I want more faith – Bad news and affirmation of humanity’s worst dimensions bombards us. May I find the faith to continue to contribute to a better world in the face of despots, the deranged and the dejected.

What’s on your wish list this holiday?<