Content is always KING:

  • Follow the there rules of excellent content: Relevant, Usable, Dynamic – Up to Date
  • If your content is bad, the app will be bad.
  • You only have ONE chance to get it right. App store reviewers are merciless.

Benefits of an app:

  • Designed specifically for the device
  • Allows for Push notifications
  • Discoverable on the iTunes Store / Android App Store
Downsides of an app:
  • Each new platform adds incremental costs
  • Changes must be made across all devices
  • Limited to the number of devices you develop for
Upsides of a CSS driven mobile website:
  • More platforms without incremental cost
  • More likely internal web teams can create and maintain it
  • No Push notifications
  • Does not take advantage of the power of the device (harder to integrate GPS, etc.)
  • Lots of up-front work identifying and coding CSS for multiple browser types
Who should create your mobile presence?
  • Create in house ONLY if it’s your core competency. Don’t expect your web team to be app developers.
  • Carefully vette your partners.
  • Execute short term contracts – The state of the art changes every six months.
Questions? Write to wsw@msu.