What are your Top 5 iPhone apps?

On July 3, 2009, in The WestermaNation, by Scott Westerman

By Brandon Westerman

When my friends get an iPhone, one of the first things they ask me is, “What apps should I get?” The iPhone app store is crammed full of cool applications, with more being added to the library every day. Now that Mom and Dad have joined our iPhone family, I thought I’d share…

Brandon’s Top 5 Must Have iPhone apps – All are Free!

1. Shazam – Shazam is the coolest app so far introduced for iPhone. If you hear a song playing, Shazam it, and whether you’re by yourself in the car or in a noisy restaurant, Shazam will identify the song and tell you its album info as well as provide links to download it from iTunes, listen free on Youtube, etc. etc.

2. Facebook – Obviously only a “must have” for Facebookers. But if you aren’t on Facebook, you “must have” been living under a rock! Allows almost all of the most used FB features. Status updates, photo uploads, notifications, requests. Take pictures or video on your vacation and share them on your FB profile immediately!

3. Pandora – Free (and commercial free) internet radio. Streaming signal is great. And just like Pandora was orginally designed to do, it allows you to thumbs up-thumbs down the songs, and then plays more of the stuff you like. Especially great for identifying new songs you want for your permanent iPod collection.

4. Fandango – A movie lover’s must have. Displays movie info, photos, reviews and user comments. Box office info as well as Coming Attractions. Have the app ID your current location and see when your flick is playing at the closest theater. Then buy tickets from the app and pick them up at the door!

5. Kindle for iPhone – Like the real Kindle but fits in your pocket. Buy books from the app’s online Kindle Store. Download them to your bookshelf, and start reading immediately! Pages turn with a finger flick. Variable text sizes and the phone can turn vertically or horizontally for your reading preference.

Honorable mention
6. eReader – Kindle’s iPhone predesessor. Does everything Kindle does. Also free, and a good option in case the Kindle store doesn’t have a book you want.

And my Game Crush this week is Real Soccer 2009. For $0.99 you get a game that looks and plays with near PSP quality. Easy enough to control for the casual gamer, but detailed enough for more hardcore enthusiants. 198 teams with real player names, 12 stadiums and touchscreen and phone tilt tricks. Yes, I said $.99!

Brandon Westerman is the webmaster for ActionNewsJax.com, the website for CBS 47 and Fox 30 in Jacksonville, Florida.


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