Breakfast in SpartanLand

On August 13, 2011, in Spartanology, by Scott Westerman

Saturday morning and you don’t want to eat your usual cocoa puffs. What to do?

My daughter and I used to battle about who made the best omelets. It was a joke because she is 100 times the cook I am, but it spurred her on to new heights of breakfast creativity. On Saturday mornings, I miss her artistry.

Being a #LoveLansing aficionado again for just a year and a half, I pinged my network for recommendations on a good place to escape my usual granola, raisin bran, dried cherries, banana and orange juice. In fact, there are a number of interesting bistros that combine personality with serviceable breakfast cuisine.

A wide variety of Spartans recommend Sparty’s Coney Island in Frandor. “Top Notch”, says Addie Mortem, the Derby Vixen altar ego of Jess Knott. Lansing Lawyer and Mid-Michigan Spartan Jeff Hicks agrees that Spartys is a solid choice with Golden Harvest a close second.

Having experienced Golden Harvest with Terry Brock (MSU’s answer to Indiana Jones), I’d have to agree that Golden Harvest is a can’t miss Pure Michigan / Love Lansing experience… If you can get a seat. It’s usually jam packed, and well worth the wait. MSU Internship Director, Paul Jaques, encourages you to tackle the “Beasty”.

Lansing’s most eclectic business executive, Camron Gnass agrees. His  triumvirate of faves including the Golden Harvest, Sawyers, the Gourmet Pancake House on West Saginaw, and an occasional run to Mikes Village Restaurant in Dimondale!

Jessica Beech Bograkos rates Sawyers as her first choice. “They serve all organic fruits, veggies, pancakes, egglands best eggs,” she says. “Very healthy and Tim and I have never had a meal there that wasn’t top notch… It’s a must-try!”

MSU’s Jane Olson and the Williamston Horse magnate Sandy Hunt add votes for Blondie’s in Haslett. I can speak from personal experience that their Saturday morning fare usually draws a full house.

Techsmith Evangelist, Betsy Weber. recommends Soup to Nutz as a delightful downtown Lansing dining experience. “They only do breakfast/brunch on Sundays.” she says. “Their outside seating is cute too!”

MSUBA President, Rich Lewis, joins Brian Kolp in voting for Sophia’s in Grand Ledge, where the food is as delicious as the atmosphere.
Of course, when school is in session, the breakfast fare at the MSU Cafeterias is second to none. Whether your taste runs to Captain Crunch or an omelet, they can provide.

So whether you’re a student looking for a change of pace on the weekend or a Spartan parent in search of a location for some quality time and quality sustenance with your kid,. selecting one of these Spartan recommended establishments for a weekend breakfast experience is a great idea.


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  1. Terry Brock says:

    Since I’ve moved away from Lansing, breakfast is one of my most missed things. Golden Harvest tops my list, and to beat the rush, go on weekdays, early. Also, the smaller your party, the better chance you have of getting a seat (I typically visit solo, meaning I can jump ahead in line and get a spot at the bar). Sparty’s has been a favorite since high school. I also found myself at Tony’s a lot…although often frequented by hung over college kids, they often threw in an extra egg, and their close proximity to campus made it a favorite spot. Of course, one can’t let an article about breakfast go by without mention of the #BreakfastClub phenomenon, initiated by everyone’s favorite U.P. friend, Bugsy.