Transformation never happens in a comfort zone. It’s seeds are planted in darkness, breaking through the the crust of self-imposed limitation when convention says it will never bloom.

Transformation is nourished by the white hot sunlight of determination, watered with resilience, a diverse garden, flourishing with discipline and loving care.

Transformation is most fragile in full bloom, when arrogance and complacency can conspire to diminish and destroy it.

Like the world around it, transformation is ever evolving. It is aware of climate change, adjusting to each new reality with the cold calculus of acceptance, discarding old paradigms, continuously innovating, testing, trying, failing and trying again.

Its origins never leave us. We honor the sometimes painful past that made it possible. It teaches us to be humble in glory and magnanimous in defeat, always aware of life’s most important maxim:

The adventure happens on the journey, not the destination.