Top Amateur Radio News – March 16

Echolink is working again at W8MSU! Connect via W8MSU-R Node 289654 Thanks to Gregg Mulder WB8LZG for doing the heavy lifting!

From the July, 1920 United States Department of Commerce, Radio Division publication, “Amateur Radio Stations of the U.S.”: Station 8YG appears, licensed to Michigan Agricultural College, operating on 200 and 375 meters.

Lots of interesting Satellite links this week. Here’s a cool website for fans of ISS amateur radio activity. On the air: Listen for the FunCube transponder test.  Plus news of  the massive launch of 437 MHz satellites on March 16.

 At left:  a shot of the W8SH club station in the early 60s.

What’s all that interference you’re hearing? The WSJ fills us in.

This guy tweets useful, up to date propagation info. Worth following @IK8LOV on Twitter.

Got questions about amateur radio digital modes? This cool webpage has answers, including sound files for many of them.

For all us Mac Geeks: Apple reinvents its high end MacBook Pro.

The ham radio smartphone app of the week: From 0-12 WPM? Try Codeman.

Advanced amateur radio stuff: Bridging D-Star to other modes. (Thanks, John!)

High Speed Multimedia (HSMM): Amateurs Demonstrate What the Internet Will Look Like After the Zombie Apocalypse.

It’s almost that time of year. Here is some Skywarn 101. How to become a storm spotter.

Whimsey: How many times have you Soldered your circuitboard only to find that it didn’t work?